Crane installation for city of Pag

According to the request of the investor, city of Pag, we designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and put into operation an electric column jib crane for marina with a load capacity of 6,3 t, a reach reach of 4,5 m and a lifting height of 7,2 m.


Technical characterstics column jib crane for marinas SKD-RM 6,3 t / 4,5 m are next:

  • maximum crane capacity: 6,3 t
  • hook reach: 4,5 m
  • lifting height: 7,2 m
  • load lifting speed: 4/1,3 m/min
  • console rotation speed: 0,09/0,285 rpm
  • rotation angle: unlimited


Along with the column jib crane for marinas, a cross spreader was designed and manufactured, which is used when boats are raised / lowered from / into the sea.


The column jib crane for marinas SKD-RM 6,3 t / 4,5 m column was made on a turnkey basis, and all additional information about the crane can be read here.