This year is slowly coming to an end. Over the past 12 months, employees of SPB - INŽENJERING Ltd. have designed, manufactured and installed more than 30 cranes of different designs. In addition, they designed, manufactured and delivered several pieces of special lifting equipment, namely various load-bearing beams and couplings for special purposes.

Also throughout the year, services were carried out on cranes of different purposes, designs and load capacities, as well as some special projects of moving equipment from one location to another, where during the execution of the works, everything was done without injuries or dangerous situations.

During the year, we inspected a lot of lifting equipment on different special purpose ships owned by foreign shipping companies, and companies that use lifting equipment.

We cooperated with various investors from almost all branches of industry in the Republic of Croatia, but we also did business in Slovenia. Some of the projects we did this year are below.