Grid cleaning system in the seawater intake basin

PROJECT NAME: Grid cleaning system in the seawater intake basin


INVESTOR: HEP – PROIZVODNJA Ltd., Sector for thermal power plants, TPP Rijeka plant







  • speed - vertical displacement: 0/4 m/min
  • speed - horizontal displacement: 0/2 m/min
  • total horizontal stroke: 2400 mm
  • working vertical stroke: 4500 mm
  • total vertical stroke: 6500 mm
  • total installed power: 23,8 kW
  • feed water inlet pressure: 2/8 bar
  • pump operating pressure: 150/500 bar
  • cleaning time of one grille in automatic mode: 2 h 30 min



In the cooling water intake system in the TPP Rijeka plant, two rough gratings 3500 mm wide and 4800 mm high were installed. During operation, algae, shells, etc. accumulate on the surface of the grilles, which causes a reduction in the cross-section of the cooling water flow.


A high-pressure water jet system is installed to clean the grilles. The operating system always cleans only one grille because there is no need to clean both grilles at the same time.


The steel construction of the device is made of stainless steel, and the basic parts of the system are:

  • stable high-pressure pump for high-pressure water supply,
  • grate cleaning device, consisting of:
    • trolley assembly with vertical guide,
    • nozzle carrier assembly,
    • horizontal guide assembly,
    • trolley tracks,
    • vertical guide tracks,
    • horizontal guide tracks,
    • vertical drive,
    • horizontal drive,
  • electrical equipment for power supply and automation of electrical devices, consisting of:
    • main electrical cabinet,
    • control cabinet with control panel,
    • cable installations for power supply and control of electric motor drives,
    • sensor for positioning the device in operation.