The advantage of SPB – INŽENJERING Ltd. is definitely it’s own project team, made up of certified mechanical and electrical engineers. It is this combination that allows us to adapt to different customer requirements and develop complete engineering solutions. In addition to the standard design of industrial cranes, SPB – INŽENJERING Ltd. has also carried out non-standard projects such as propulsion mechanisms for driving movable roofs and canopies, water treatment systems, rotation device for wind turbine generator and many others. By using modern programs and applying all applicable standards and norms, our project team is able to adapt to the most demanding customer needs.


Some of our major non-standard projects are:
- cargo platform 500 kg - 4 floors,
- wind turbine rotating device max. carrying capacity of 32 t,
- lifting basket in the chimney of TPP Rijeka H = 200 m,
- water intake grille cleaner,
- C-hook 24 t,
- 30 t roller coil rotator,
- lifting beam NG-70 t,
- rotation device for marine engines 5 t,
- Trilj Vedrine cleaner.