Crane installation for Đuro Đaković TEP Ltd.

For the needs of the investor, the company Đuro Đaković TEP Ltd., a project was made for the installation of a double-girder bridge crane with a maximum load capacity of 12,5 t, a bridge span of 11 m and a lifting height of 12,085 m.The crane was mounted in the hall of the cogeneration power plant on wood biomass in the vicinity of Smiljan on the existing crane tracks.


The technical characteristics of the DMD 12,5 t / 11 m double girder bridge crane are as follows:

  • maximum load capacity: 12,5 t
  • bridge span: 11 m
  • lift height: 12,085 m
  • lifting speed: 4/1,3 m/min
  • hoist trolley travel speed (frequency control): 20/3 m/min
  • bridge travel speed (frequency control): 30/5 m/min


The double-girder bridge crane DMD 12,5 t / 11 m is made on a "turnkey basis" and you can read all additional information about the crane here.