Double-girder bridge crane DMD 12,5 t / 11 m

PROJECT NAME: Double-girder bridge crane DMD 12,5 t / 11 m


INVESTOR: Đuro Đaković TEP Ltd.







  • maximum load: 12,5 t
  • bridge span: 11 m
  • lift height: 12,085 m
  • lifting speed: 4/1,3 m/min
  • hoist trolley speed (frequency control): 20/3 m/min
  • bridge travel speed (frequency control): 30/5 m/min



For the needs of the investor, the company Đuro Đaković TEP Ltd., a project was made for the installation of a double-girder bridge crane with a maximum load capacity of 12,5 t, a bridge span of 11 m and a lifting height of 12,085 m. The crane was mounted in the hall of the cogeneration power plant on wood biomass in the vicinity of Smiljan on the existing crane tracks.


All working movements of the crane, namely: driving the bridge, driving the hoist and lifting and lowering the load, are driven by electric motor drives, where driving the bridge and driving the hoist are controlled via frequency controls that allow easy starting and stopping with continuous acceleration or deceleration of working movements without jerks and bumps.


The crane is controlled from the floor via a radio remote control unit, and in case of need, a backup control is installed, ie a suspended cable control unit with reduced voltage.


Double-girder bridge crane consists of:

  • steel structure consisting of:
    • two main girders derived from HEA 450 profiles,
    • end carriages manufacturer "MISIA" Italy,
  • electric driving hoist with a load capacity of 12,5 t,
  • electrical equipment.


The electrical equipment of the crane consists of:

  • electric motor of the lifting mechanism with brake,
  • electric motor with brake for driving a hoist,
  • two electric motors with brakes for driving the bridge,
  • control cabinet,
  • limit switches for switching off the lift drive, the hoist drive and the bridge drive,
  • overload devices remote control radio,
  • suspended cable control unit with reduced voltage (reserve),
  • main switches, and
  • power and control cables within the crane itself.


In the event of an overload (over 110% of the rated load), an anti-overload device is activated which switches off the lift drive. Then only the lowering drive is possible. The hoist is equipped with a cross switch that switches off the hoist drive at both ends of the main girder before encountering rigid bumpers. In the same way, the drive of the bridge is switched off before encountering rigid bumpers at the ends of the crane track.


Rubber bumpers on the end carriages serve against a rigid impact into an obstacle. In the same way, the movement of the driving hoist along the main crane girder is limited.