Crane installation for Feromihin Ltd.

For the needs of the investor, the company Feromihin Ltd., a project was made for the installation of a single-girder bridge crane with a maximum load capacity of 10 t, a bridge span of 15 m and a lifting height of 8,719 m. The crane is mounted on a crane track 2x37 m long in the investor's production plant.


The technical characteristics of the JMD 10 t / 15 m single girder bridge crane are as follows:

  • maximum load capacity: 10 t
  • bridge span: 15 m
  • lift height: 8,719 m
  • lifting speed: 4 - 1,3 m/min
  • hoist trolley travel speed (frequency control): 20 - 5 m/min
  • bridge travel speed (frequency control): 30 - 9 m/min


The single-girder bridge crane JMD 10 t / 15 m is made on a "turnkey basis" and you can read all additional information about the crane here.