Installation of life line for HEP JSC.

For the needs of investors, the company HEP - proizvodnja Ltd., we supplied and installed a lifeline. The lifeline itself was installed along the crane track of a 60 t crane in the HPP Rijeka plant in Rijeka.


The safety line is mounted along the crane track 28 m long, and consists of:

  • three (3) posts with flange plate, height 600 mm, ø48 mm,
  • INOX rope (AISI 316), diameter ø8 mm, breaking force 370 kN, and length 28 m,
  • one (1) tension end element (AISI 304) with integrated shock absorber,
  • one (1) central rope holder (AISI 304),
  • one (1) end rope holder (AISI 304),
  • three (3) shock absorbers (made of polyester), each equipped with three (3) steel catchers and a shock absorber,
  • nameplates with technical data,
  • three (3) sets of anchor bolts (AISI 316) for column mounting (drilling depth min. 105 mm, concrete quality min. C20 / C25).


The lifeline will serve the workers so that they can safely maintain the crane tracks and monitor it, and also so that the service of the double-girder bridge crane that is installed on the mentioned crane track can be performed.