Lifting basket in the chimney of TPP Rijeka

PROJECT NAME: Lifting basket in the chimney of TPP Rijeka


INVESTOR: HEP – PROIZVODNJA Ltd., Sector for thermal power plants, TPP Rijeka plant







  • payload of the lifting basket: 300 kg
  • basket weight with equipment: 305 kg
  • basket surface dimensions: 600 x 1100 mm
  • lift height: 166 m, seven stations
  • lifting speed: 3/30 m/min



The service lifting basket is built inside the chimney of the thermal power plant and is used primarily for the access of workers to the service platforms along the height of the chimney for the purpose of inspection and maintenance.


The lifting basket system basically consists of the following basic components:

  • guides and guide brackets with receiving accessories,
  • lifting basket,
  • lifting mechanism,
  • electrical equipment for power supply and automation of the electric device of the lifting basket.


The basket lifting device consists of:

  • electric hoist for raising and lowering the lifting basket,
  • load-bearing steel ropes,
  • load-bearing and deflection ropes,
  • basket suspension system.


The electrical equipment for driving the lifting basket consists of the following parts:

  • distribution cabinet with control panel,
  • equipment and automation for power supply and control lifting basket lifting mechanisms,
  • basket lift radio remote control system,
  • cable installations with switches to indicate the position and stop of the lifting basket along the height of the chimney.


When using a lifting basket, for the safety of workers using the basket, it is necessary to ensure the constant presence of workers at the control panel. The task of the workers at the control desk is to monitor the operation of the basket, and provide services to workers working on platforms at the height of the chimney, to deliver the necessary material or to control the operation of the basket from the counter if the radio control unit fails. Workers in the basket must be in constant radio contact with the worker at the control panel.


The lifting basket can be operated:

  • from the control panel on the switch cabinet next to the hoist,
  • remote radio control from the lifting basket.


The selection of the control mode is ensured by a selector switch with a key located on the control panel.