C-hook N=24 t

PROJECT NAME: C-hook N=24 t




LOCATION: Koper, Slovenia





  • max. mass of sheet metal coils: 24 t
  • max. outer diameter of sheet metal coils: 2000 mm
  • max. inner diameter of sheet metal coils: 450 mm
  • max. height of coils of sheet coils: 2000 mm



The hook is used to reload sheet metal coils that are caught with the lower jaw of the hook. A sheet metal is welded on the upper side of the lower jaw, which is slightly rounded to prevent damage to the load. The lower jaw is thinned at the top, ie "sharpened" in order to facilitate the entry of the C-hook into the coils. There are handles on both sides for easier handling of the C-hook. A counterweight of appropriate mass is welded to the end of the upper jaw to balance the hook. A hole was drilled in the upper jaw in the center of gravity of the hook through which the "omega" shackle was passed. They are further connected to the shackle in order: an oval ring, a two-legged steel chain with couplings at the ends where each coupling is attached to an oval ring for hanging the C-hook on a double-sided crane hook. The two-legged steel chain has a maximum load capacity of 30 t (2 x 15 t) for an arm deflection angle of 0 deg.


By removing the double-link chain with oval links, the C-hook can be hung directly on the one-sided crane hook via the "omega" clamp.


The C-hook 24 t has its own stand for storage and transport using a forklift.