Device for transporting pipe bundles and profiles capacity 3 t

PROJECT NAME: Device for transporting pipe bundles and profiles capacity 3 t




LOCATION: Kukuljanovo





  • rated capacity of the device: 3 t
  • total length of the device: 10625 mm
  • maximum width of the device: 2520 mm
  • maximum device height: 2510 mm
  • total number of suspension points: 2



For the needs of the investor, the company Mick Ltd., the project C hook with a load capacity of 3 t was made. Also, the device was made and mounted on an existing crane in the ferrous metallurgy warehouse of Mick Ltd. on Kukuljanovo.


The C hook is used as a device for transporting bundles of steel pipes, profiles and other bar material inside the warehouse, and its maximum load capacity is 3 t and is used when unloading goods from containers, and can accept bundles of length 6 and 12 m.


The device consists of the following basic elements:

  • C hooks for receiving material to be transported,
  • supporting beams for hanging the device on the crane, and
  • double connecting lugs for connecting the C hook to the supporting beam.


The C hook is designed in the shape of a horseshoe with two horizontal girders of different lengths interconnected by a vertical girder. The structural parts of the C hook are made by welding as box girders made of steel sheets, while the part of the upper horizontal girder is made of HEA 240 profile.


When hanging the load on the C hook, the places of suspension are selected according to the length of the beam to be transmitted. Care should be taken to place the load so that its center of gravity is preferably in the axis below the suspension hook of the C hook in order to ensure that the lower horizontal support of the C hook and the load are placed horizontally when removing the load from the container and transporting it inside the warehouse. This ensures easier and safer operation of the device.


The supporting beam for hanging the device on crane hooks is made of two hot-rolled steel profiles UNP 200, length 2500 mm. The profiles are mirrored at a distance of 100 mm from each other and are transversely connected by sheet metal strips and face plates. The double connecting lug is used to connect the C hook to the support beam.


The double lug is made by welding from 20 mm thick steel sheets. Two bearing lugs are welded on the upper side, and a hole is drilled in them at the axial distance from the bearing horizontal plate for the installation of the bearing bolt. The bolt is a double connecting lug suspended on the supporting beam of the device. The lower two lugs, which are welded at a certain distance from each other, serve to hang the C hook. The upper lugs are oriented at a 90 ° angle to each other in relation to the lower lugs, so that the C hook can swing freely in two planes in relation to the supporting beam.


At the end of the lower horizontal bracket C of the hook, the control point is marked in black, where during the use of the hook the vertical distance between the ends of the lower and upper horizontal bracket is occasionally measured when the device is unloaded and hangs freely on the crane.