Machine for turning sheet metal coils N = 30 t

PROJECT NAME: Machine for turning sheet metal coils N = 30 t




LOCATION: Koper, Slovenia





  • max. working load of the machine: 30 t
  • electric motor power: 22 kW
  • speed of electric motor: 1460 rpm
  • desk rotation speed: 0,6 rpm
  • 90 ° rotation duty cycle: 35 s
  • maximum torque on the gearbox shaft: 12000 Nm
  • gear ratio: 1:98,96
  • total gear ratio of the drive mechanism: 1:2433



The rotating part of the machine has two mutually perpendicular work platforms. The platform on which the sheet metal roll is placed in a vertical position, has two roller assemblies with six rollers each. The roller assemblies are mounted in a common frame, which is connected to the construction of the machine with screws and helical torsion springs. Torsion springs cushion impacts on the rollers and on the machine structure when laying the coil on the machine. The second platform on which the roll rolls has two surfaces on which the roll rests at an angle of 30 °. Two replaceable sliding plates made of hard plastic are screwed to these surfaces. Laying the coils on the platform with rollers is done with automatic pliers for vertical transfer of sheet metal coils, and removing the coils after turning is done with a C-hook. Reverse manipulation, ie turning from horizontal to vertical position is not allowed because impact loads can occur in the work, which can cause damage in one of the elements of the drive mechanism.


The subject machine for turning sheet metal rolls up to a maximum weight of 30 t is intended for work in an open warehouse. The machine can be moved in the warehouse with a 23 t forklift, via openings made in the machine base.


The drive motor of the machine is an air-cooled electric motor with a brake. The transmission of power for the rotation of the machine is done via a planetary gearbox and a double-chain transmission with three-row roller chains. The frequency converter ensures a light start and stopping of the electric motor.


The machine is supplied with electricity via an extension cable with an industrial connector.


The machine is operated via pushbutton cable controle unit with a 4 m cable, or locally on the control counter.