Lifting beam NG – 3 t

PROJECT NAME: Lifting beam NG – 3 t


INVESTOR: Croatia Airlines JSC.







  • nominal load-bearing capacity of the lifting beam: 3 t
  • total length of lifting beam (device): 2435 mm
  • maximum width of the device (length of the longer cross beam): 1880 mm
  • maximum beam height (without suspension mounting bracket): 945 mm
  • total number of suspension devices: 4
  • total dead weight of lifting beam: 414 kg



The load-bearing beam with a nominal load capacity of 3 t is intended for moving the aircraft engine within the service workshop. Suspension and suspension spacing are defined for the reception of CFM56-5A and 5B aircraft engines.


The lifting beam basically consists of one longitudinal and two transverse load-bearing beams. At the ends of the crossbeams, the grips of the suspension devices for hanging the engine at four points are made. Transverse and longitudinal clearances on the support beam are adapted for suspension and engine mounting of CFM56-5A and 5B engines. On the front, longer transverse beam, an additional grip is provided at a distance increased by 60 mm compared to the standard curtain distance. Likewise, the rear, shorter transverse beam can be attached to the longitudinal beam in three positions, with a step of ± 50 mm, relative to the standard axial distance of the transverse beams.


The lifting is suspended on a crane hook via a movable suspension. When moving the motor suspended on the support beam, the longitudinal axis of the motor should be placed horizontally. The motors come in different configurations, depending on the accessories, so the position of the center of gravity changes along the motor axis. For these reasons, the suspension of the lifting beam should be designed to move along the beam, so that it can be placed exactly in the axis above the center of gravity of the motor.


The lifting beam basically consists of the following parts:

  • steel structure of lifting beam,
  • movable suspension,
  • the mechanism for moving the suspension, and
  • suspension devices for receiving the motor on the beam.