Cargo platform 500 kg – 4 floors

PROJECT NAME: Cargo platform 500 kg – 4 floors


INVESTOR: Nautilus Ltd.







  • maximum load capacity of the platform: 500 kg
  • lift height: 9,16 m
  • lifting speed: 3,9 m/min
  • installed power: 0,9 kW



The cargo platform is installed in the souvenir production plant, which has four floors, and it is used to transport souvenir boxes and other cargo. The lift height, which extends through three floors, is 9,16 m. A fire door was installed on each floor to access the platform. Lifting and lowering the load platform is electrically driven. The platform is operated by buttons located next to the door on all four levels (ground floor, first, second and third floor).


The installation consists of:

  • steel construction,
  • hoist,
  • electrical equipment.


The steel structure consists of the following elements:

  • cargo platform,
  • guides and guide brackets,
  • cargo platform access door,
  • assembly for suspended hoist,
  • platform workspace (window).


The electrical equipment of the cargo platform consists of:

  • crane drive electric motor with friction brake,
  • control cabinet with switching technology and main switch-disconnector,
  • control unit on the door frame,
  • inductive sensors,
  • electric receiver within the door,
  • power and control cables within the workspace of the platform.


The electric chain hoist is equipped with a friction brake, which holds the platform in the desired position (ground, first, second or third floor) or in case of power failure. The platform stop in the end positions is controlled with two inductive sensors. The first turns off the high speed of the hoist, while the second turns off the power to the hoist, ie stops the platform. The travel of the hoist hook in the uppermost position is limited mechanically, and by a built-in limit switch on the hoist. The door opening is disabled while the load platform is moving. The door can only be opened if the loading platform is located on the floor where the door is to be opened. The door is opened by pressing the door release button (ie opening the power take-off within the door) and pulling the door handle. It is not possible to start the platform while the door is open. The door position (open/closed) is controlled by an inductive sensor built into the door frame.