Rotation device for marine engine service N = 5 t

PROJECT NAME: Rotation device for marine engine service N = 5 t


INVESTOR: Capax Ltd.







  • maximum load: 5 t
  • rotation speed: 0,4/1,3 rpm
  • rotation angle: 360°
  • installed power: 0,55 kW
  • maximum torque: 4040 Nm
  • operating voltage: 230/400V / 50 Hz
  • control voltage: 24 V DC



The rotating device is used for receiving and turning marine engines during their servicing. It is used for mounting and dismounting crankshafts, pistons, oil sump and manifold covers. The maximum weight of the engine that can be serviced on this device is 5000 kg. The components of the rotary device are:

  • basic framework,
  • drive assembly bracket,
  • bearing bracket,
  • supporting frame,
  • gear motor for bearing frame rotation.


    Holes with a diameter of 18 mm are drilled in the supporting frame to accommodate special cross members for each type of marine engine.


    The device is controlled via the control panel on the electrical cabinet. On the counter there is a main switch, a control lever for selecting the direction of rotation (left or right), a mushroom button for emergency shutdown and signal lights. The electric drive motor is controlled via a frequency converter that ensures easy starting and stopping of the device rotation.