In addition to the production of cranes and representation of many renowned equipment manufacturers, SPB - INŽENJERING Ltd. is also engaged in the design and manufacture of many special equipment for special applications. In this way, we are fully able to meet the most diverse needs in all branches of industry.


Some of our major projects that we designed, produces, installed and commissioned are:
- cargo platform 500 kg - 4 floors,

- 1MW wind turbine generator turning and completion machine,
- lifting basket in the chimney of TPP Rijeka,
- grid cleaning system in the seawater intake basin,
- C-hook 24 t,
- m
achine for turning sheet metal coils N = 30 t,
- r
otation device for marine engine service N = 5 t,
- a
utomatic hydraulic device for cleaning the grilles of the entrance building,

- device for transporting pipe bundles and profiles capacity 3 t,

- lifting beam NG - 3 t,

- lifting beam NG - 70 t.